Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They Could Only Stay Silent Small Group

There a twitter account i signed up for just to see what everyone was, well, all a twitter, about. They could only stay silent as a small group of pittsburgh fans swung yellow towels around, then make a hasty exit. Jealousy that blatant is really transparent. We slow it all down so you can appreciate the plays. I wanted a president that they could see themselves reflected back.

Ever There Gesture That Symbolized

President-elect obama has captivated not only his nation, but also the world, and i look forward to seeing him sworn in as president of the united states. If ever there was a gesture that symbolized a game, it was roethlisberger keeping the ball. The price tag for 30 seconds of advertisingsunday night $3 million. He signed with the new york giants. Artie please pull yourself together you have so much to live for.

Closer 1980 Winter Olympics

Time for real talk safe talk from our president-elect. Closer at the 1980 winter olympics. A coca-cola spot shows a young man walking through a town populated solely by online avatars. Even warner had one, but got blocked off the scene before harrison reached midfield. But he certainly capable of greatness.

With That Knee Slide With Crotch

You must let the negativity roll off you like raindrops on a windshield. But wtf was with that knee slide with the crotch straight into the camera. Pittsburgh coach mike tomlin opts to send out kicker jeff reed to attempt an 18-yard field goal with 9 45 remaining in the quarter. Other than the bears, the steelers are probably the team that closest to my heart, mr obama told reporters in the oval office in advance of the game. Etrade is another big name when it comes to super bowl sunday.

Game Progressed People Cheered Heartily

She could easily give one of those sally field, you like me, you really like me, speeches or she could be a bit more like tina fey and tell the naysayers to suck it. As the game progressed, people cheered heartily, complained loudly, swore vehemently and, finally, hugged and high-fived passionately. I checked the printed quote sheets the league distributes and saw he had answered other questions about the defense and coach lebeau with reasonable and apparently straight answers. As of right now, im not really despising anyone. Either way, i am proud of this football team.